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silk dupioni

Dupioni Silk (meaning double) is produced when two or more silkworms spin their cocoons closely together. These slightly tangled cocoons produce filament that is rough & uneven and is woven to create a fabric with pronounced irregular slubs at random intervals. It has a nice, crisp hand, and is often cross-woven with a different color for a shimmering effect. Silk Dupioni is an upgraded fabric choice.

amethyst anemone antique blue antique gold aquamarine
arctic white arizona sunset artichoke aubergine autumn harvest
aztec gold baby pink bamboo bananas

black cherry

black raspberry blue curacao blue raspberry bronzed aqua bronzed violet
bubblegum burgundy burnt sienna calico campfire
canterbury blue celery champagne chocolate mousse citrine
cream clementine coppery sage coppery violet cotton candy
da vinci gold daffodil dragonfly dublin eggplant
egyptian gold emerald espresso fiery swallowtail flame
forest green frosted blue frosted pine fuschia gilded violet
gingerbread gull grey harlequin hazelnut hollywood
honeycrisp ivory juicy grape lemon zinger limerick
magenta mermaid metallic rose midnight blue misty mountain
moonshadow onyx black parisian pink peacock peridot
pink lemonade pixie dust platinum pomegranate poppyseed
praline raisin roman bronze rose petal red saffron
scarlet siberian gold silver slate spanish gold
starburst strawberry swiss almond tangerine titanium
taupe ultraviolet violet wallowberry warm cider

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